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Anthony David Salerno


Anthony Salerno was born into an industry family. His parents' ministry and productions have gone all over the world. He was baby on a tour bus, a little kid in spending 14 hour days in the recording studio, and on film sets.  He started as a production assistant at age 11 and moved into the art department on other productions as a teen.  Since then, he has directed films, produced music for television and toured with bands all around the world.  He has a heart for children's entertainment and giving positive media to the next generation.  He owns and operates a commercial studio and works in a very distinct role in the industry. He has a passion for the true teachings of Jesus and God's eternal laws and how they are relevant in our everyday lives. He speaks to everyone from kids to senior citizens, with a relevant life-changing message of hope and truth.  He leads worship on Sundays and loves to see hearts transform by the love of God


As a filmmaker, Anthony Salerno brings a full heart and unique perspective to cinematography, production, screenwriting and directing work. He has worked as director of photography for feature films and as lead director for short films and TV shows, and he has directed and shot video interviews and covered events for businesses and ministries. Additionally, he produces ongoing content for a Nigeria-based [Bible college / training center] and for a Los Angeles-based ministry that provides teaching and worship for local attendees and those who watch online throughout the world. What excites him most though is creating videos, managing social media and producing web content for [Little Lion/Magination], a children’s production company founded by his parents, who are Grammy Award-nominated in children’s music.


Teens and young adults choose Anthony Salerno's recording studio, Temple Ink, because of the hip-hop sound Anthony excels in creating.


The studio is a favorite among parents because Anthony impacts musicians and rappers by serving as a life mentor who cares about their personal growth. Anthony’s influence on young adults steers them not only only away from negative choices but also toward activities that achieve their goals and provide a positive outlet.


Anthony has used his bachelor’s degree in music infrastructure studies from California State University Polytechnic and his technical degree from Citrus Recording Arts to produce music for feature films, MTV, TBN America and TBN Africa, as well as commercial music for American Airlines. He has produced over 150 albums and more than 10,000 songs with 10 million song plays. Additionally, he has performed before thousands of students in public schools, and children’s albums he produced have sold more than 100,000 copies. 


Beyond all the sales and TV, film and commercial spots, what Anthony values most is influencing young people to lead positive, productive and fulfilling lives.

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Anthony Salerno gets energized by sharing his faith with those who don’t yet know Christ, helping believers grow from passive Christianity to dynamic discipleship, and inspiring people to fulfill their God-given destinies. 

Anthony comes from a line of ministers who have served in advisory roles to key leaders and brought people to Jesus from many walks of life. He experienced his own transformation when he changed from following God externally in his outward behavior to becoming a true lover of Jesus with a heart after God. As a speaker and friend, he compels others to do the same.


In addition to speaking, Anthony works as a producer and director in music and film, and he finds purpose in bringing hope through the arts. Still, his number-one passion is life-changing moments. Guiding a person from darkness to light, from selfishness to sacrificial love, and from blindness to seeing the truth that sets them free — those are the moments he lives for.


As technical as he is creative, Anthony is prompt and thorough at fixing bugs and troubleshooting errors on computers, phones, cameras (video and still) and other devices. He performs updates, fixes bugs and keeps IT security on lock. He fixes issues right away and problem-solves until he finds the solution. Anthony is an excellent choice for all your technological needs.


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